Skin Disorders

Skin disorders can drive you and your pet crazy

Dogs and cats can suffer from many of the same skin disorders as humans. These include skin allergiesatopic dermatitisskin cancer, skin rashes and lesions and skin disease. In fact, skin problems are fairly common among cats and dogs. Over 160 different skin disorders are attributed to dogs alone.

Accurate diagnosis leads to effective treatment

While many skin disorders are curable, some are not. Some skin problems are temporary and some are chronic. At Atlanta Pet Care Center, we treat the whole spectrum of disorders that affect your pet’s skin, including chronic curable disorders such as alopecia (hair loss) and bacterial dermatitis. The key to helping pets with such conditions is an accurate diagnosis. If it’s a skin allergy, we must determine what the animal is specifically allergic to before we can apply effective treatment.

The experienced veterinarians and staff at Atlanta Pet Care Center know skin disorders and will do everything possible to deliver effective treatment and make your pet feel more comfortable.

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