Our Services

Comprehensive care for dogs, cats and small animals

You want the peace of mind knowing that your vet clinic can handle any health problem your pet encounters. That’s why we offer complete veterinary health services, including:

  • Thorough exams
  • Preventive care and vaccination programs
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Spay, neuter and other surgeries
  • Diagnostic lab work (blood, urine, culture, etc.)
  • Skin disorder treatments
  • Complete pet dental care
  • Geriatric care
  • Euthanasia
  • Emergency vet available during working hours between 10 am and 6 pm
  • Pet adoption

Our comprehensive pet care services include:

  • Pet grooming programs
  • Pet boarding programs
  • Pet daycare programs
  • Holistic nutrition counseling

Compassionate care for older pets

When it comes to aging, your pet is a lot like you. Older pets are prone to various health problems, including arthritisdental decaydigestive diseaseobesity and orthopedic problems. Most of these can be avoided with regular aging-pet preventive care. The veterinarians and staff at Atlanta Pet Care Center are especially interested in helping older pets achieve good health and longevity.

Helping older pets eat right and manage their weight

Like humans, pets tend to gain weight as they age and slow down. With regular exams, we can monitor your pet’s weight closely and help prevent or even reverse obesity. Overweight pets can suffer the same potentially life-threatening health problems as humans. Obesity can put a strain on your pet’s heart, bones and joints, plus circulatory and digestive systems. With proper nutrition and exercise, we can help you and your pet avoid serious health problems and live a long, happy life.

Wellness and weight management go hand-in-hand for older pets. Wellness care includes preventive pet vaccinations for conditions such as feline leukemia, distemper, rabies, bordetella and other diseases capable of ending your pet’s life prematurely. Our weight management program includes nutrition advice aimed at maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the health threats that come from obesity.

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