Dental Services

Veterinary dentistry is critical to your pet’s health.

Just as with humans, pets can have problems with their teeth and gums. To complicate matters further, pets cannot brush and floss daily to help ensure their own dental health. So they rely solely on good pet dental care from the veterinarian. Just as with humans, veterinary dentistry is important to your pet’s overall health.

Caring for your pet’s teeth and gums can help you prevent many diseases.

At Atlanta Pet Care Center, we take pet dental care very seriously. Our full dental operatory is equipped with digital dental X-rays that allow complete and thorough exams, plus treatment of any diseased teeth or mouth tissue.

Good pet dental care is critical to your pet’s overall good health because heart diseaseliver disease and kidney disease can all begin with oral infections caused by mouth bacteria that can spread through the bloodstream. Your pet needs regular dental cleanings and checkups, along with a diligent home care program to avoid many diseases and unnecessary suffering.

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